Being Smart When Buying A Used Vehicle

Getting around in a large city is difficult to do without a vehicle to drive. Although public transportation is available to use, it can still cause problems when it comes to being at work at a specific time. For instance, working the graveyard shift can make taking a bus to work difficult, as most city buses stop running at a specific time each day. Purchasing your own vehicle can relieve a lot of stress and open up more doors in your life. Read More 

Why A Check Engine Light Comes On

A number of things can run through the mind of a car owner when the check engine light comes on. However, sometimes the cause of the problem isn't as severe as it may seem, but it can become worse with time. The best thing to do when a check engine light is on is to take the vehicle to a mechanic for a prompt diagnosis and repair. You don't want the problem to continue getting worse and become costly to repair, especially if you have a luxury vehicle like a BMW that might need special parts for proper bmw repair. Read More 

Steps To Handle Getting Locked Out While Pumping Gas

Car doors that automatically lock can help with the safety of securing your vehicle. Automatically locking doors will lock all entrances to the vehicle upon the occupants exiting the car.  While this is perfect for occasions when you take everything with you, if your vehicle locks while the keys are inside, this can be a major problem. One of the prime times where this may happen is during pumping gas. Here is what you should do if you get locked out of your vehicle's automatic doors while pumping gas. Read More 

3 Tow Truck Upgrades That Should Increase Safety And Productivity

As a tow truck driver, you are probably always looking for ways to improve safety and productivity within your business. Following are three tow truck upgrades that should help get the job done: Incorporate a Backup Camera By installing a backup camera, you'll save yourself some time when trying to navigate through tight spaces or get close enough to a car you need to tow without hitting it. That saved time could translate into the ability to provide one or two extra tows, by the end of the day. Read More 

3 Cab Features That Will Make Life Easier On The Road

If you are ready to invest in a new-to-you used freightliner truck, do not set your sights low when it comes to expectations for the sleeper portion of the truck. There are lots of great features you can find even in used trucks that will increase your comfort when you are on the road. Separation  The first thing you want to pay attention to is how the driving cab and the sleeper cab are separated from one another. Read More