Evaluating Your Car For Serious Damage Following A Collision

Having your car towed away is an easy decision following a severe accident, but what should you do after a minor collision? If the impact hasn't disabled your vehicle, then it can be tempting to drive away and save the immediate costs of a tow. Fender benders can be frustrating, especially when a relatively small amount of damage forces you to lose hours from your day. Even if a collision seems minor, however, taking the right steps to evaluate the damage after an accident is essential both for your safety and to avoid causing additional damage to your vehicle. Read More 

Is Your Car Exhibiting Transmission Problems During Cold Weather? Here’s Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It

If you're having trouble with your car's transmission in cold weather, you're not alone — freezing weather is very hard on your car's transmission. Valves and seals harden, gears contract, and your transmission fluid becomes more viscous. Until your transmission warms up, your transmission may be unable to shift gears, may begin slipping, or may shift harder than normal. While you can temporarily alleviate the problem by running your engine for several minutes before you begin driving, that simply masks the underlying issue — cold weather causes slight problems in your transmission to become more noticeable, and you'll need to have your transmission inspected at a transmission shop to determine the cause behind your faulty transmission. Read More