Steps To Handle Getting Locked Out While Pumping Gas

Car doors that automatically lock can help with the safety of securing your vehicle. Automatically locking doors will lock all entrances to the vehicle upon the occupants exiting the car.  While this is perfect for occasions when you take everything with you, if your vehicle locks while the keys are inside, this can be a major problem. One of the prime times where this may happen is during pumping gas. Here is what you should do if you get locked out of your vehicle's automatic doors while pumping gas. 

Give a call to a lockout service

Either with your cellular phone or with the phone inside of the gas station, call a lockout service. This service should specialize in lockouts of electronic entry, as some vehicles no longer have a key slot to unlock via a manual key. Also be sure that the service can be dispatched immediately and remain inside if the weather is inclement in any way. Ensure that you have a line of sight to your vehicle so that you know when the lockout service arrives. 

Determine how to turn off the function

When the vehicle unlock service arrives and lets you into the vehicle, ask how to disable the lockout function. Many times, vehicles that lock automatically when you turn off the car and close the doors have a way to disable the function. If the function is disabled, you will be able to pump gas or run into a store without worrying that your car will lock on you before you turn out. Your lockout service may be able to perform the function for you and instruct you on how to turn it back on when necessary. 

Figure out if you can sync with your phone

One item that most people continue to keep on them is their cellular phone. A lot of business people will have a work phone line and a personal phone line. Tablets and computers also offer similar function with applications and downloads. Read through the owner's manual of your phone or call your dealership to determine if you can sync your phone with an application that will allow you to unlock your vehicle. If this is possible, download the proper application to your electronic devices. This way you can remember to take your cell phone with even if you do not take your keys when you run into a place for constant vehicle access. 

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