3 Tow Truck Upgrades That Should Increase Safety And Productivity

As a tow truck driver, you are probably always looking for ways to improve safety and productivity within your business. Following are three tow truck upgrades that should help get the job done:

Incorporate a Backup Camera

By installing a backup camera, you'll save yourself some time when trying to navigate through tight spaces or get close enough to a car you need to tow without hitting it. That saved time could translate into the ability to provide one or two extra tows, by the end of the day. The camera will also help ensure that you don't accidentally run something or someone over, when you back your rig up for any reason.

The camera should also help improve vision and enhance safety when you are dropping a towed vehicle off at a crowded repair shop or small driveway. With about 15,000 injuries occurring every year due to backup accidents, you can't afford to do business without a backup camera installed. A backup camera will reduce your liability and may even help lower your insurance premiums.

Invest in Door Magnets

Installing magnet signs on the doors of your tow truck is an excellent way to advertise your services everywhere the truck goes throughout the day. The advertising should result in more customers, which means you can optimize your time spent, while increasing production levels and profit margins along the way. Your signs will provide peace of mind by alerting people of who you are and why you might be driving around their neighborhoods. The signs will also help create brand recognition, so customers are more likely to trust in you, if they need a tow at some point in the future.

Install a Light Bar

For optimal safety and production while on the road, you should have a light bar installed on your tow truck, if you don't already have one. And if you do have a light bar that's more than a few years old, consider replacing it, as the technology has almost certainly improved. A tow truck light bar makes it easier for people to see you coming, so they can get off the road and out of the way, as you pull up to load their vehicle on your truck.

Light bars also make it possible for you to see things like small animals and bikes in the road that you wouldn't normally see with just the headlights on. And you'll be able to drive and maneuver more efficiently at night, which should help keep your production levels up.

Invest in an LED light bar, which are long lasting and use less energy than older types of lighting systems. Look for options that offer stop and turn light functionality, for added safety when you're on the job at night.